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Metabolic Syndrome “X”
Obesity is pandemic in our country. Our plan targets prevention and solutions for Syndrome X, also called the “metabolic syndrome.” To qualify as part of this epidemic that is steamrolling North America, adults or children need only suffer from 2 of the 4 components of the metabolic syndrome:

1) Obesity
2) Blood sugar issues (diabetes)
3) Cholesterol problems
4) High blood pressure

If you have “Syndrome X”, the facts are clear. Your health is at risk. The American Heart Association says you are at increased risk for coronary heart disease, and stroke.

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Every Wednesday​ from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm I run an educational class for anyone and everyone. You do not need to be a client to come.

Sue Cooney RN has acquired the Ideal Weight Loss and Wellness, LLC of Bridgewater business from Jolene St. Laurent on December 19, 2016! “… we plan to keep running the program essentially the same – but with expanded hours and more access as we are available to meet by appointment outside of our posted working hours”


Monday: 9am – 1pm, 4pm-6pm
Tuesday: 9am – 1pm, 4pm-6pm
Wednesday: 9am – 1pm, 4pm-6pm, 6-7pm Free Educational Class
Thursday: 9am – 1pm, 4pm-6pm
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Saturday: 6am – 10:30am
Sunday: Closed

Monday-Friday: 7am-9am, by appointment only
Monday-Tuesday: 6pm-7pm by appointment only

(Note – we also do appointments outside of these posted hours – so please call if these hours are not convenient for you!)

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How it works?

Phases 1-2

You start out using a packet as the basis of 3 of your 4 meals each day. You eat a low-carb, low-fat “regular” dinner. You follow this until you...

Phase 3

You continue to eat the way you have been taught. By this time learned to eat in a much healthier fashion, choosing healthy foods and the right...

Phase 4

The Ideal Protein Diet Plan allows you to lose weight with minimal effort compared to most other diets that require buying all sorts of different...

Find your ideal weight:


I started Ideal Weight Loss program and over the past 10 weeks I've been able to lose 20lbs!

I've taken pictures of the changes in my body and every week I can tell the difference!

I was a size 14 starting this journey and now I am a size 10!

Sue has been a great coach, always checking in on me and making sure I' m drinking plenty of water, eating my veggies,and taking my vitamins!

As long as you set  goals, stay positive and have the right mind set anyone can do this!


Danielle D

Ideal Weight Loss it works. I have tried many different plans and diets and never saw results. From day 1 Sue has been great, encouraging and knowledgeable. The food is great and if you follow the protocol you will see results. 5 weeks, 32lbs and never once hungry or felt like I wasn't satisfied. IF YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT AND FEEL BETTER THE Ideal Weight Loss Plan and Sue will help you succeed.

Paul Williams
March 2017

Suzanne Cooney

I am the mother of 5 boys, and an RN. With my busy lifestyle unhealthy choices were often chosen the get through the day.

I yoyo'd from diet to diet which never worked for me. A friend of mine started IP and lost and kept the weight off. I was so impressed by her results that I decided to make a change for me.

I started IP and lost 30lbs in 3 months: sticking to the plan was easy. The food Is delicious. I am no longer prediabetic, blood pressure is normal and cholesterol is down. I am so much happier now that I've lost the weight and I am continuing to reach my goal weight. I was so impressed with my Weight Loss that I am now the proud owner of Ideal Weight loss And Wellness of Bridgewater LLC.
Do something special for yourself. You may just save your life.